5 Ways to Eat More Protein at Work

A new study suggests eating more protein might not make your body burn fat, but instead it might help you burn more calories.

A recent study from researchers at University of North Carolina found that people who eat more protein have lower body fat and less insulin resistance, two of the biggest concerns that come with eating too much.

The team was able to track the body fat of the participants using the device called the EKG.

Researchers tracked participants’ insulin levels and insulin levels were lower after the study concluded.

The researchers found that participants who ate more protein had lower bodyfat and insulin resistance than those who ate less protein.

In other words, eating more proteins may actually help reduce your body fat.

This study was published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.

This is the first to look at the effect of protein intake on the bodyfat-to-bodyweight ratio.

Researchers found that higher protein intake was associated with lower bodyweight and lower insulin resistance.

The researchers also found that eating more total protein was associated also with lower insulin levels.

This suggests that high protein intake could be associated with reduced body fat in some people.