Apple’s Passion Fruit Puree: A delicious alternative to the apple pie

Apple has announced that it will release a new fruit drink in the US, which is a fruit-filled beverage that tastes like the fruit of passion fruit.

The product is called Passion Puree, and it is coming to stores this year.

Passion fruits are the fruits of passion, a citrus variety that is commonly used in the Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese cuisine.

It has also been known to be an effective way to help people recover from heart conditions, depression, and cancer.

The fruit is usually picked fresh and then dried and stored for a few days before being used as a flavoring.

The apple juice is then blended with the fruit to make the fruit pure.

Apple will release the product on October 14, and Passion will come in a “premium” variety.

The company said that Passion “is made with passion fruits in mind, and we want to make it the perfect choice for you.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Wall Street Journal that he had been thinking about the idea for Passion fruit for a while.

Cook said he had a lot of passion about passion fruit because he has tried it on and off for a long time, and the fruit is so rich in flavor that it tastes like a dream.

“It’s the perfect complement to the traditional apple pie, and I think it’ll appeal to everyone,” Cook said.

“I’ve never tasted passion fruit before, but it’s a great flavor.”

Cook added that he thought passion fruit was “probably the best thing that has come out of the Chinese food movement.”

Apple will offer a limited-edition Passionfruit juice with the regular Apple pie, according to Apple’s website.

The juice comes in a bottle of 750 mL, and is available for purchase at participating Apple retail stores.

Apple’s new Passion juice will cost $9.99, and Apple says that it has the ability to increase the price by up to 30%.

Apple says the juice will be available in 12-ounce, 24-ounce and 32-ounce bottles.