#NFLMafia, #NFLNFL fans unite for #DontDumpKaepernick and #BlackLivesMatter #DONTDUMPKEPTBLK

ESPN  –  The hashtag #NFL_Mafia is trending on Twitter, and as fans across the country celebrate the life of quarterback Colin Kaepernick, some have gone a step further by sharing their feelings about the protests taking place.

One fan who took part in the conversation has gone as far as to claim that it is the “perfect time to boycott Kaepernick’s jersey,” and while there are plenty of people out there who believe the protesting quarterback is not worth the risk of arrest, it’s not a good idea to be a part of the #NFLMMafia.

It’s not the first time that #NFLNFLMacon has taken on the topic, with other #NFLMLB fans also expressing their support for the protests and the NFL.

We all want to see Kaepernick put his career on hold and be a free agent, so please don’t do it.

The best thing to do is to sit it out and support a great team like the San Francisco 49ers.