Pembroke Pines, Florida, woman who fell victim to an invasive plant is back in her job

PEMBROKE Pines — A Pembrano County woman who was treated for a serious burn in a Palm Beach County burn has returned to work after receiving treatment for a skin infection.

Lorraine Saffo, 59, who works as a nurse in the local emergency department, was treated Monday at St. Francis Hospital in Pemblett, Florida.

She is scheduled to be released Tuesday morning.

Her husband, Gary Saffos, was also treated and released after he returned home Sunday.

She had not been in contact with him since her burn and is now on antibiotics, his daughter said.

She and her husband are still worried about her safety and are worried about the future, she said.

She and her family have been told by her employer that she has been diagnosed with a skin condition, Lorraine Sattox said.

The Sattoes were surprised when they received the diagnosis, Loraine said.

Gary Saffox, a teacher, said he is still in shock.

He was in his office when the fire broke out, Lorraine Sattcox said.

He has been working at a Pembooke Pines store since Monday.

Gary said he was getting a new phone, but he was unable to talk to Lorraine because of her burns.

Lorraine told him she had been in a car accident, and that she had to go to the hospital, Gary said.

Gary said he also called 911 to report the fire.

The fire was extinguished before Lorraine got sick.

Gary’s sister, Nancy Sattoyne, said Lorraine’s son is now working for her in the emergency department.

She said Loraine’s daughter and her wife have been at the store since Sunday and that Lorraine said she would work for the Sattoys.

“I don’t think Lorraine is hurt at all,” Nancy Saffoyne said.

“The fact that her son was there and was able to get her out of there, that’s the biggest thing,” Lorraine added.