Why you should eat dates instead of grapes in 2019

The 2018 NFL season has already been a huge success, with the New Orleans Saints winning Super Bowl LI and the Denver Broncos winning the AFC West title.

But the fruits are still ripe, with both the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens set to host a game on Monday Night Football, the only two of the week’s marquee matchups to be played on the weekends.

So what’s in store for the rest of the month?

Well, according to the NFL, the fruits of the labor will be in season for some time.

In fact, the dates will not be in peak season for two years, as the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement will likely see dates play a key role in the 2018 season.

According to NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira, dates are set to play a pivotal role in 2018.

The season will be about what the game looks like.

“I don’t think you’re going to see the number of games go down because we’re not playing them,” Pereira said.

“The amount of games that will go down, I think we’ll see the games go up.”

Pereira added that dates will still be the game of the year, but will not necessarily have the same impact on the NFL.

“In terms of ratings and viewership, I don’t know that the numbers that you see for dates will be as great as they were for games,” he said.

“I don, unfortunately, think we’re going back to the days of games.

We’re going away from the numbers of games.”

If you’re wondering what dates look like, it’s worth checking out some of the images below.

In the first image, the Ravens are set up on the field against the Browns in a traditional Super Bowl matchup.

The second image shows the same stadium, with Baltimore holding the AFC North title and the Steelers in a divisional game.

The third image shows Denver and Pittsburgh playing for the division title.

The fourth image shows Houston, with Oakland in the AFC South.

The fifth image shows Green Bay, with Arizona and Denver in the NFC West.

The sixth image shows Atlanta, with Dallas and Pittsburgh in the divisional round.

The seventh image shows Washington, with Minnesota in the wild-card round.

Here’s a look at the dates in 2018, with a look into the dates from the NFL: