Dry fruit supplier says the ‘toxic’ fruit is not toxic

In an exclusive interview with CBS News, Bear Fruit, the largest dry fruit company in the U.S., has told CBS News that its Dry Fruit is not a “toxic” fruit.

The company told CBS that it does not intend to put any toxic chemicals into the fruit because it has been used in over 200 countries for over a century.

Bear Fruit CEO Bob DeBartolo says, “The dry fruit we are selling is safe for consumption and there are no toxic ingredients in it.”

He added, “We believe that there is no need for any chemicals or chemicals products that are not safe for human consumption.”

In an interview with The Associated Press, Bear fruit company founder Bob Debartolo said the company was not involved in the production of the fruit and is not involved with its sale in any way.

“We do not manufacture the dried fruit, we don’t make the fruit, it’s not a Bear Fruit product,” he said.

DeBartoli says the company is using the fruit to produce a variety of products, including a dry fruit bar, but the company did not name the products.

Bear fruit is an Australian fruit that has been grown in Tasmania, New South Wales, and Victoria.

It is used to make an edible dry fruit that can be used in salads and snacks.

Bear Fruit has been selling the fruit for a few years, but DeBastolo says its popularity has been growing rapidly.

The dry fruits are available in cans and frozen in small packets.

Bear fruit products are not the only ones that are available.

There are also other dry fruit products that bear fruit, including the dry fruit powder and the dry fruits that bear meat.