How to get the perfect fruit to fit your needs

It’s a question that has been on my mind for quite a while. 

What is the best fruit to feed your kids, your family or friends? 

What about fruit that has the highest protein content? 

I recently tried out a fruit blend that was rich in protein and was made from fruit and seeds from a nearby farm.

It has worked out well for me, although it’s still not perfect. 

In this post, I’m going to show you how to prepare a high protein fruit and then give you tips on how to add in some healthy ingredients. 


Mixing the fruit with other ingredients First, we need to figure out how to mix the fruit and the other ingredients.

First, you need to determine which ingredients are best for the fruit.

For example, I found a fruit that had a high level of protein but was very high in carbohydrates.

I added it to a salad and it tasted delicious, but it also didn’t taste as good as the one with the high protein. 


Choosing your ingredients Next, you want to pick your ingredients that will make the fruit perform best.

You want to find fruit that contains a good amount of protein.

Here are the top three most important ingredients in this fruit blend.


Picking the right fruit for the right purpose When it comes to fruit, I try to use all of the ingredients in the blend.

I try not to overdo it on the proteins.

There are certain fruit that are best suited to specific foods, such as avocados, mangoes and pomegranates.

The fruit that’s best for a meal or a snack should also be used in a low-carb diet. 


Chopping the fruit for maximum nutrition You want the fruit to be dense with nutrients.

That means that it has lots of protein and carbs.

If you add a lot of carbs to a fruit, it’ll make it seem bland and unappetizing.

In addition, fruit has a lower calorie content than most fruits and vegetables, so it’s not the most nutritious option. 


Adding healthy ingredients to your fruit blend The next step is to add some healthy nutrition to the mix.

Take a look at some of the fruits in the mix below. 

 For the fruit I added in the fruit blend, I added two of these ingredients: a sweetener and a fruit flavor.

These two ingredients are called “natural fruit flavoring” and they are natural flavors that are naturally occurring in the fruits. 


Adding a little extra protein and fiber The final step is adding a little more protein and healthy fiber to the fruit mixture. 

This means adding some dried fruit into the mix, along with a small amount of other fresh fruit and vegetables. 


Adding in some low-calorie ingredients To add in healthy ingredients, you also need to add a little bit of sugar. 

I like to add about a teaspoon of sugar into each fruit mixture so that the fruit is not too sweet. 


Adding some fruit-based protein sources If you want a high-protein fruit, you’ll need to make sure you’re using some fruits that have a high amount of fruit protein.

This can be one of the following sources: bananas, strawberries, raspberries and pears. 

These fruits have lots of natural protein, so adding in some of these fruits will make your fruit more dense and full of protein in the body. 


Adding low-glycemic ingredients If your fruit is made with low-GI sources, like bananas, you can add some low glycemic ingredients into it. 

The most common way to add low- GI ingredients into a fruit is by adding sugar to the juice. 


Add in some fruit for good luck There are some fruit products that have good luck for a few days. 

Some fruit flavors and fruit-flavored supplements can help with the next few days of sickness or stress. 


Adding fiber to your blend A good way to keep the fruit healthy and hydrated is to use some fiber in the mixture.

For example, some fruit juice has a fiber content that is very high. 


Adding fruit for health reasons Sometimes you might want to add fruit to your mix for health or good luck reasons.

Try to include fruits that are rich in fiber. 

For example: apple, pear, cantaloupe, strawberry and cranberry. 


Adding antioxidants to your blended fruit There’s no doubt that fruit is full of antioxidants. 

However, adding a few fruits with antioxidants in them can help you stay healthy and keep your body hydrated. 


Adding protein and fat to your mixed fruit The mix can also be filled with a protein-rich fruit such as mangoes, pomegras, apples