How to make the perfect passion fruit bowl: the perfect way to eat

If you’ve ever wanted to make something as simple as a fruit bowl, but with passion fruit in it, you’ll find this easy recipe on this blog to do just that.

It comes down to the addition of some passion fruit, which can be found at any fruit and vegetable store.

It’s usually the most popular choice, but you can always use dried passion fruit or any other fruit you want.

To make it, just mix together a handful of passion fruit and water.

Add the passion fruit to a bowl or pitcher and add a small amount of water.

Cover the bowl with a lid, and let it sit in a cool place for a few days to ferment.

After the fruit has fermented, you can add a few more dried passion fruits to make it even better.

This recipe comes from The Recipe Network, and you can find more recipes like this on their website.

The final step in this delicious dish is to dip it into some fruit juice, or even a little vanilla ice cream.