Pope Francis calls for more jobs for workers in his Vatican palace

Pope Francis called on Sunday for a greater focus on jobs for Americans, saying it is the “best antidote” to the growing income inequality plaguing the United States.

“The pope is the most important man in the world,” the pope told reporters in the Vatican.

“We are the people of the world and we must make sure that the rich people are not hurting, the poor are not hurt.

We must make them the masters of their own destiny.”

The pope made his comments as he met with his top aides and other top leaders of the church.

He also called for a “more equal distribution of wealth” and for people to be given more time off to take care of their families.

In his opening remarks to a gathering of Catholic leaders, the pope said the United State has become a “laboratory of capitalism” and called for its members to do the same.

He called on those who work for the U.S. government to take a more active role in supporting and strengthening social justice and economic equality.

Pope Francis said the pope was particularly concerned about the “crisis of social inequality and its causes, including the increasing concentration of wealth.”

“It is a crisis that threatens the unity of the Catholic Church, as well as the dignity of the human person,” he said.

“In the course of the past months, the situation has reached a level that cannot be ignored, and the urgency of this crisis has never been greater.”

“We cannot ignore it, we must face it and we have to deal with it, the Pope said.

The Vatican, the first-most-populous Vatican in the Americas, has been beset by economic inequality and poverty for decades.

The pope said he hoped his visit would be a “preliminary step” in creating a “better society.””

In his remarks, Francis described himself as a “world leader” and said that “I am a person who loves the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized.””

But this is a step in the right direction and a starting point for all those who wish to make the world a better place.”

In his remarks, Francis described himself as a “world leader” and said that “I am a person who loves the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized.”

He said that the “gift of a world that is more humane” has “given rise to a crisis of social injustice that is causing great pain and suffering to people in the poorest parts of the earth.”

The pontiff, whose first two weeks in office were marked by protests against his rule, said he was “heartened by the positive atmosphere” around him.

“In the United Kingdom, in Spain, in France, in Brazil and in other countries, I am witnessing a huge outpouring of compassion,” he told the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

“And I am hopeful that this spirit of compassion and solidarity will be the best antidote to the crisis of inequality that is creating the worst conditions in our society.”