What you need to know about the green dragon fruit

The green dragon fruits are one of the most common fruits in the tropics and are one the most popular in Asia, according to a new study.

In the study, researchers looked at fruit that is grown commercially in China, Indonesia and Vietnam and compared them to fruit that was grown by indigenous people.

The green dragonfruit, or lakanthorax lupines, are a type of fruit that grows in tropical climates.

The fruit is typically a shade of green and has red, yellow and blue colored skins.

The study found that lakantorax fruit in Vietnam was significantly more common than the fruit from other countries, which are all predominantly green.

The fruits also tended to have larger size and more fruit, according the study published in the journal Plant Biology.

Researchers found that in Southeast Asia, lakanteos are commonly found in rice paddies and in rice fields in Vietnam.

According to the study authors, the lakants were a major source of protein for indigenous communities, making them valuable in terms of protein.

The researchers also found that the laks also contain a variety of compounds that may have beneficial effects on the immune system and in maintaining healthy skin.

Lakantors are a staple in the diet of the native population in Vietnam, the study said.

The yellow dragon fruit was found to be less nutritious and more volatile than the lakis, which could have health benefits.

The red fruit was also more common in Vietnam than the other fruits and it was found that it had higher levels of volatile compounds, according with the study.