When it comes to alligator fruit, Australia can’t have one

Posted By Sam Simon The story of a life-size Alligator Fruit Terraria in South Australia has captivated Australia’s fruit growers and enthused some of the nation’s largest and most passionate fruit growers.

The Alligator Terraria has attracted thousands of visitors and been featured on news programs around the country.

“There’s been a lot of people coming and watching it,” John Tarrant, the owner of Tarrants Fruit Farm, told the ABC’s AM program.

“They just think it’s a really interesting concept and it’s so much fun.”

He said the terraria was designed with the idea of using the alligator as a model to teach children about the natural world and the importance of having a healthy diet.

“Alligator fruit is really good for people’s health and really good source of fibre,” Mr Tarranton said.

“We’re looking at alligator fruits to teach people about eating healthily.”

But while the alligators are a well-known part of the South Australian landscape, Mr Tarlant said the idea behind the terrarium was not necessarily a new one.

“I’ve been teaching alligators for many years,” he said.

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