Which fruit are Chinese fruit gummy?

A Chinese fruit candy that contains Chinese fruit has made it onto the shelves of supermarkets in Britain and is reportedly a hit among British school children.

The new candy, called “Gummy Apple”, was introduced by Chinese company “Coconut Candy”.

It has been sold at the British grocery chain Coles and is said to be popular with British school kids.

The British Food and Drink Federation (BFDF) is encouraging the British public to “look out for Chinese fruit and treat their children with the fruit candy we know and love”.

“It’s just fantastic that British children can now have a taste of the best of British fruit and vegetables, with Chinese flavours that will make them feel like they’re on the continent of the future,” said the BFDF’s deputy general secretary, Andy Hurd.

“The gummy fruit is one of the few foods that British kids can eat that tastes like a fresh fruit and looks like they’ve been on the planet for a very long time.”

The “gummy apple” is made of dried fruit and sugar, which are added to a gel-like texture to make it look like a fruit gum.

“These are great candies for kids because they’re delicious and have no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial colourings,” said Coles’ senior marketing manager for China, Richard Wigglesworth.

“It comes in a variety of flavours, which make it perfect for kids to try and find their own flavours.”

You can choose from a variety, such as fruit, vegetable, and fruit gum, which you can mix and match, or just the usual fruit flavours such as blueberry, strawberry, apple and so on.

“Gummy apple is made from dried fruit, dried sugar, and liquid fruit juice.